Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grain Free and Vegan Pancakes (updated!)

It is the third day of our autoimmune paleo experiment. I woke up earlier than usual but don't feel as tired as I think I would usually if I did so. We started our lovely sunny Saturday morning with pancakes and red currants.

I found this recipe from Purely Twins for grain free pancakes. I modified it a little as I wasn't sure if psyllium is allowed on AIP (I think it is not allowed on GAPS diet). I replaced the psyllium with arrowroot starch (not allowed on GAPS if you follow that as well). Next time I will try the recipe without psyllium AND arrowroot, I think it might work out just fine. Or a little coconut flour might help too if it is too runny. The yoghurt I replaced with coconut milk. I was out of home made coconut kefir but will try the recipe again in a couple of days when I have fermented some more. I also added a pinch of salt which wasn't in the original recipe but I like a pinch of good quality salt here and there.

The kids loved these (I think I heard one say: "These are the best pancakes EVER!") and ate several. They are not fully on the AIP (yet at least, I want get adjust myself first) so for their pancakes, per their request, I added some dairy free and gluten free mini chocolate chips (Enjoy life). I ate mine with a little bit of maple syrup and I think one pancake was fine but after I ate two I felt a little nauseous. So for me these are good one at a time. Husband was fine with two and he brought a third left over pancake with him when he left to Rainbow Ranch Farms to pick up our monthly organic meat batch. As a side note for those who remember me as a long time vegetarian: After we found out about our food sensitivities and started having health issues, I had to leave out legumes and nuts and grains etc. and had to take some organic meat in my diet. I still like to cook vegetarian/vegan foods though.

Grain free vegan pancakes
autoimmune paleo, vegan, grain free

1 green plantain (mine were already yellowish as you can see in the photo but they worked ok, green ones make a better batter though) UPDATE 4/18/2014: Green burro bananas work even better than plantains!
1/2 cup full fat coconut milk or coconut kefir
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted (I buy mine from here, affiliate link that supports my blogging)
2 tbsp arrowroot starch (UPDATE 4/18/2014: if your bananas are really green you can omit this and won't know a difference)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
pinch of sea salt
(1 tbsp maple syrup, optional, I don't actually add this anymore but it is for you who have a sweet tooth!)

TIP: If the batter is very loose, say, if the plantains were already very ripe, you can add a tablespoon or two of coconut flour too.

1. Peel the plantain, chop it and add in the blender or food processor (this is a perfect job for little kids!)

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

3. Warm your pan on medium-low heat.

4. Spread the thick batter on the pan. You might need to spread it a little bit with a spatula so the pancakes are not too thick.

5. Cook on one side until you are able to turn them. They are ready when they seem solid. They won't be very easy to turn if the plantains were already yellow.

Have a great weekend!

PS. Transform these pancakes to a lunch or dinner by adding spinach to make spinach pancakes. Or eat them later cold as "bread".


  1. Are plantains good for you? We love those chips from TJ's, and I believe some people use them as a protein source. This looks awesome, as well as the spinach version.

  2. I was told that plantains have prebiotics (prebiotics are the food that the good bacteria eat in our gut). Otherwise I don't know about if they are especially good for you. If you are allergic to banana they don't work (we are just now introducing them to our diet) as they are in the same family as bananas. They have more starch and are less sweet though and need to be cooked to be eaten unlike bananas.

  3. First Aip friendly pancakes I've come across - definietly will be hiving these a try!

    1. I know, I couldn't find any either! Let me know how you like them!

  4. It might be that less ripe bananas are okay for us but riper ones are not. I suppose this means we should be avoiding bananas all together, but then we can't try great recipes like this one! I'm conflicted but definitely want to try this. Have you tried it with coconut kefir yet?

    1. Yes. I think they are better with kefir. They get a slight butter milky taste. The sourer kefir the better. :) And we make them with spinach!