Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mini pillows for a magic forest.

I have been truly inspired by this Finnish book my friend sent me: Maja by Kati Rapia and Mari Savio. Lovely book, ladies.

I made the "Suikalemätäs" from old fabric scraps and a thrift store table cloth (it has a hole for the head so it can also be worn, I wish I had taken a photo when my husband wore it.)

And then made some spruce tree pillows, from the book too. The little mattresses I made too, they are just some foam covered with fabric from old duvet covers I have carried with me from Finland only to notice that they were too small for all the duvets and blankets we bought here. The yellow one is actually an old duvet cover, a Finnish thrift store find.

The spruce tree pillows made me think of other kinds of pillow shapes and I made some mini pillows for my Etsy shop. Not only a spruce tree pillow, but also a mushroom and a cloud! Perfect for a magic forest.

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