Saturday, March 7, 2009

New sewing machine and woolen socks.

I bought a sewing machine! Brother Innov-is 80. I am really bad in making decisions so I just chose one. I know you are supposed to try sewing with them in the store but I couldn't, I was so nervous. I was debating in my mind between a Husqvarna Scandinavia 100 that was in the same price range, because the "Scandinavia" text made me feel like home (even though I am from Finland, not Sweden, I speak some Swedish though). I liked the looks of the Scandinavia machine too. But this Brother machine had so many stiches and buttonholes and you name it that I was scared I might need them at some point. And it had a place for two spools I think which is good when knitting with a twin needle. You can also stich ready letters with it, which is another feature I am not sure if I will even need. At least it had the Scandinavian letters like Ä and Ö. Well, anyway, it is here now and I am a bit scared to try it. It is much fancier than any machine I have used before. I am a bit terrified about all the buttons. I will let you knwo how it goes.

The store I bought it from offers free lessons with purchase so I will go on Monday night to learn to use it.

I just listed on Etsy these woolen socks. They feel so nice but are a bit slippery on hardwood floors!

Don't these socks look like elf socks?

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