Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving from LA (Louisiana) to L.A. (Los Angeles)


I have been so quiet for a long time because I have been occupied with our move to the Los Angeles area. I haven't had time to sew as much as I wanted either and I miss it dearly. I have been sewing desperately needed items like a pouch for the navigator when my husband left with it to France (and he lost it of course, I refuse to make a new one) and a pouch for my new iPhone I got after I had put my open SIGG water bottle in my purse with my old phone. It really was an accident!

Today I made a custom order purse which turned out really nice. It will be hard to part with it (as usual...). The customer said which colors she likes, size etc. and otherwise I had complete freedom. I enjoyed the bag creating process immensely. I really like to work like that, that when I start, I am not sure how the end result will look like.

It is reversible. Fabrics are all recycled. The turquoise with flowers is from a vintage table cloth, the solid color turquoise is from a cotton linen dress I shortened. The yellow-orange fabric is a thrift store find, maybe a table cloth (the tag said: "Made in Hawaii"!)

We are now packing like maniacs and in two weeks me and my son will fly to Finland for a holiday and my husband will see that our stuff gets to California. We will get a moving service and he will fly because it is a very long drive from Louisiana to California. I will close my Etsy shop for when I am out of the country because I won't be able to ship anything in three weeks and where I am staying there might not be internet connection. But I will open the shop in the end of June again.

With love from the middle of the boxes, trying hard to be present and not to worry,


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