Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our new beautiful nontoxic bed.

A couple of years ago we bought an all natural mattress from Soaring Heart and I have been wanting to get also a nontoxic wooden platform bed to go with it. I searched different options online but always drifted back in the end to the Sachi Organics website. Their simple beautiful, nontoxic and handcrafted (Ramblin Wood in New Mexico) beds appealed to my Scandinavian simple taste and the prices were reasonable too. I ended up purchasing a maple wood Edo bed, two underbed drawers and night stands.

We have been using the bed now for a few weeks and couldn't be happier. It looks beautiful, feels beautiful and I love the smell of it, or actually the lack of smell - nothing like the furniture finished with toxic varnishes etc. This is finished with linseed oil. You can also get them unfinished and with different wood, also ecofriendly bamboo! I would have gotten bamboo otherwise but it was out of my price range and I wanted really light wood to go with our birch furniture.

The only problem we have with one of the night stands is that during last week's humidity caused by heavy rains here in Southern California the wood swell so I can't open or close the drawer now. Have to see if we can do something about it ourselves after the humidity goes down. There is usually no humidity so this shouldn't be a problem and it doesn't seem to be a problem with the other one.

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