Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Six tips how to reduce laundry load!

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the overflowing laundry basket? Here are some quick tips how to manage the laundry piles - and how to make clothes last longer too and save water and energy.

1. Reduce the amount of laundry. Clothes can be used more than once if they haven't gotten super dirty or smelly. Especially clothes like pajamas can be used many times. You can also spot clean otherwise clean clothes. Take good care of your clothes and they will last longer too!

2. Towels and sheets don't need to be changed all the time. I personally have found it sufficient to change sheets and towels on a big cleaning day every two weeks.

3. Have fewer clothes. Our dressers and closets are so full they are bursting. If you have less clothes, you have to wash clothes more often and it doesn't have time to pile up.

4. Get everyone in the family to help with laundry. Have a family night where you can instead of watching TV talk or sing songs while folding laundry and putting it away. Or while you discuss the events of the day with your spouse, fold away together!

5. Fold laundry to everyone's own basket and have them put them away their own clothes. I have found it helpful to label the kids drawers so everyone except me also remembers which kind goes where :)

6. Get kids to help hanging laundry on low laundry lines or small drying racks (check out Montessori stores online). They usually love chores like this! Hanging clothes on clotheslines saves energy, makes the clothes last longer and it is fun! I have lived most of my life without a dryer and I find hanging laundry almost meditative. I hate taking it down though so I try to get someone else do it.

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