Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What to eat on (autoimmune) paleo diet? Meal ideas!

After returning from our New Year's trip to Sequoia tonight we ate a feast of sushi, some Californian Sauvignon blanc and coconut milk ice cream from Wholefoods before starting the autoimmune paleo protocol tomorrow. I have been brainstorming on meal ideas. We eat mostly grain/legume/nut free food already so this is not a big change. Biggest change is leaving out morning coffee, chocolate, occassional rice and legumes, nuts, seeds, processed foods, sugar and such things.

Here is my go to list of meal ideas for the coming weeks:

-Soup from home made bone broth, greens, mushrooms, chicken (I buy our organic meat from Rainbow Ranch Farms), ginger, sea salt and herbs
-Wraps: Using either collard green leaves, other cabbage leaves, lettuce or coconut wraps (made yourself in a dehydrator - google for recipes - or buy from here or here) wrap in them anything that is allowed on the diet like cooked chicken, cucumber, fermented veggies, avocado, naturally cured olives, quacamole made with avocados, garlic, lemon and sea salt, carrots etc. etc.
-Smoothies: greens, berries and coconut milk or greens, apples and limes and kombucha (remember to keep the amount of fructose per day in minimum though, some recommend max 20g/day).
-Avocado and cucumber with smoked salmon or cooked shrimp - you can also put all these in nori wraps "taco style"
-Stir fry with beef or chicken or pork and zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms - spinach or kale might be a nice addition (for faster mornings, chop ingredients already in the evening and store in a jar in the fridge), add sea salt and herbs
-In the toaster oven: bake sliced zucchinis (put some olive oil on them and for instance Herbamare salt) and premade breakfast sausage/meat patties / meat balls (fry or bake ground meat in any shape you like, you can add herbs, salt, apple sauce, mashed boiled cauliflower, coconut flour etc. to the "batter"). Eat with sauerkraut or carrots.
-baking some coconut flour biscuits/muffins, will have to look into the fructose contents first

Dinner ideas:
-Spaghetti squash (recipes coming soon!) with olive oil and herbs, steamed broccoli and baked/fried/roasted chicken or ground beef patties or sauteed shrimp (sautee in coconut oil with garlic if not avoiding and sea salt)
-Soups with home made bone broth - AIP legal veggies and meat (see the breakfast soup, it works for luncha and dinner as well :))
-Fried or baked fish with steamed veggies (I like to add some coconut oil and Herbamare on the steamed veggies, my faves are kale, bok choy, spinach, cauliflower)
-Mashed cauliflower, beef patties spiced with salt and grated carrots and/or rutabaga with orange juice
-Sweet potato fries (sweet potatos, coconut oil or olive oil or lard and salt and baked in the oven, will post a recipe later), beef patties in lettuce wrap with fermented cucumbers (will post recipe later) and avocado slices
-Roasted chicken (herbs, salt, oil, lemon, maybe garlic if you choose to include that in your AIP, I think some avoid it), roasted cauliflower (toss cauliflower in olive oil/coconut oil and salt and bake on a baking sheet in one layer) and sauteed greens (sautee any greens in bone broth or coconut oil or lard and add salt and garlic if you choose).
-This idea is from a dear friend, Kristin (thanks!!!): Fry some chicken strips in lard or coconut oil and add some broth and greens and simmer until ready.
-slow cooker stroganoff: ground beef or stew beef, coconut cream, home made broth, salt and eat with boiled sweet potato or rutabaga cubes or as is. Top the stroganoff serving with home made chopped pickles.
More ideas and actual recipes later!
-Creamy cauliflower soup
-Finnish Cabbage casserole (without pepper - I have heard mixed opinions about including black pepper on AIP - and without or with only very little molasses and no Earth balance that might be mentioned in the recipe, palm shortening instead will do)

Snacks (I am personally torn on snacks, I prefer to just eat 3 full meals per day but will sometimes snack too):
-If you choose to have fruit on your AIP diet - not everyone does, you can snack on fruit in small quantities (better to be eaten alone, not with meals anyway)
-Carrot/rutabaga/turnip/cucumber sticks (some choose not to eat starchy veggies on AIP)
-raw cauliflower
-avocados (I squeeze lemon on the avocado halves and sprinkle some Herbamare on the top).

Drinks: Water, kombucha (if not avoiding black tea/green tea that kombucha is made of) and water kefir, herb teas

Click on this link to see all autoimmune paleo diet friendly recipes from this blog.

More recipes:
(I made the raspberry "cheese" cake and it melted in my mouth and tasted so good but it was almost too rich, we froze most of the cake and will eat it for a very long time!)

Excited to start this new experiment. It will be an adventure and I think I will learn a lot and feel great. I will try to post as many recipes as possible and also let you know how it is going. Talk to you soon!


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