Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: Reintroducing Foods On The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

When I heard about Eileen Laird's eBook Reintroducing Foods On The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, A Step-By-Step Guide With Recipes my first thought was that I would have really needed this book a couple of months ago. Then I read it and I know now for sure I would have needed it.

See, I started the autoimmune paleo diet without finishing my research, like I do with most things. I studied very carefully everything I could eat and what I couldn't eat but I didn't give much thought to the life after the original elimination period. It seemed very far in the future and I thought I will just wing it. It took me a long time to combine all the info from different sources (Eileen Laird's website Phoenix Helix was one of them!) to get started with the diet and I guess I was too overwhelmed by all of it. Also, all this information wasn't then to be found in one place. This eBook is great because it will also summarize the foods you eliminate and then go to the most important part - reintroduction.

The elimination period is important because it will kind of reset your body and by then introducing things one by one back you can see what triggers your body. So rushing things will work against the whole purpose you went on the diet.

This guide makes you understand that reintroducing is good to be done slowly, one by one, and in a certain order. I had no idea about this order thing so I introduced back wine first (not good according to this manual) and white rice so I could eat sushi. Oh well. But my body was actually fine with those and I haven't really introduced back much else as I haven't felt I am ready. Or even the need to, I like this diet and I am scared to start introducing too many things back. Oh, I did try a sip of coffee the first thing after the 30 day elimination period when my husband came back from his coffee roasting class. It didn't go well at all so I gave up coffee. Oh, and I have snatched a few pieces of chocolate from the kids too... Oops. But the point is that it is good to introduce foods that are least likely to trigger a reaction first and tricky foods last and give enough time in between. I introduced chocolate, coffee, rice and wine all in the same time I think... I did the mistake #1 Eileen Laird lists on page 13. I rushed. I was impatient. Don't do as I did and get this guide to do things properly. Read it before you start the diet so you are prepared. On the 30 day elimination diet you are busy learning to cook AIP foods.

This reintroduction guide will tell you exactly how to do the reintroductions. I know now. Thanks Eileen! I think I will after the summer vacation take a step back and go again on the strictest version of the diet for a few weeks, no occassional white rice or wine, and start over with all my new knowledge.

The book has also delicious looking recipes for when you are ready to introduce foods back so it makes it pretty easy. They made me miss night shades so much! I haven't eaten peppers or tomatoes in years.

The best part of the book maybe was after all that it is so supportive. Reading Eileen's story and her encouraging comments throughout the book made me feel like I am on the right path. The support of the AIP community has been huge help. I do feel good with my modified diet too but I would like the information my body would tell me if I actually took time to do this properly, now I have the tools. Thanks for providing us all this information, in the book and also on your website, Phoenix Helix, Eileen!

If you want to buy this book, you can do so from here.

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