Monday, February 23, 2015

What brings you joy?

Hello there! 

My favorite time of the year, spring, is almost here and it is time for spring cleaning! I was introduced to a genius decluttering method by a dear friend. You can read more about it here or buy the book here but basically you get rid of everything that does not bring you joy. You look at the item and ask yourself, does this bring me joy? If the answer is no, get rid of it. Simple as that! I am in the process of doing that at my home and I realized it can reach other areas of life too.

I have come to realize that to better be able to focus on my family, I am going to have to narrow down what I do, choose what brings me most joy. From now on, in my massage practice, I will specialize in prenatal massage and pediatric massage classes only. I will also define my work hours better and work mostly when my kids are at school to have more time to spend with them.

I have chosen prenatal massage as my speciality as I love to support mothers-to-be and it supports naturally my other work, the child massage classes. In this way my focus is on mothers, children and families. More information can be found from my website .

I hope you are well! Have a joyful day!


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