Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Health from vegetables

People sometimes seem to think that Paleo diet consists mostly of meat and it is even criticized because of that. Maybe some people do paleo like that, eating mostly meat and only a little vegetables. Inspired by Dr. Terry Wahls among others (and listening to how my body feels) I try to eat lots and lots of vegetables even though when faced with food intolerances and moving towards paleo diet, I took meat back to my diet. I wanted to post a picture of my vegan paleo plate to show that paleo food can be mostly vegetables.

I eat meat but not necessarily at every meal. When I am filling my plate, I fill it with often about 75% vegetables and only about 25% meat or fish. The percentages vary of course and are averages. I do not eat legumes or nuts so I need the meat for protein source but in fact I eat now more vegetables than when I was vegetarian and my meals often consisted of pasta, cheese and vegetables as a small side. I wasn't eating very healthy then. Now vegetables are the main part of the meal.

I am so proud of this meal in the photo also because nearly everything you see is from my garden. Or local (olive oil and honey in the dressing). Only the salt (Herbamare) is store bought. Other ingredients: lettuce, lemon cucumbers, carrots, chard, garlic, lemon and squashy have been grown in my container garden in our backyard. I haven't always had a green thumb so this is worth celebrating!

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