Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love my bird.

My dear friend Päivi Tiittanen who is a graphic designer has been working on a logo for my new business! She has come up with such cute designs. I am impressed.

The bird's red boots are traditional Finnish felted boots called huopikkaat. The designer said they remind her of me. Here is a photo of huopikkaat.

Photo: Huopaliike Lahtinen Oy

The header picture of this blog is her work too. The birch trees remind me of Finland and it is my favorite tree. I miss those snow white birch trees here in Louisiana.

We are actually hiking in Arkansas today and I always criticize my husband for working when we are on vacation but now I am guilty myself too. I have my laptop with me and I ordered some woven labels today from Labels4U. I wanted to get eco friendly lables, but the ecofriendly label companies wouldn't answer my e-mails so I ordered a small amount from this other place to try them out. Next time I want some with organic cotton or hemp or something like that. I promise! More later.


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  2. Annina, what a coincidence - it has to be a different Paivi though because my Paivi (last time I talked to her) lives in Helsinki! Thanks for the nice wishes, happy new year from sunny Southern California! :)

    Be well,

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  4. :D Thanks, I will tell my Paivi! I love the design too. Have a wonderful weekend!