Thursday, February 26, 2009

Working on Etsy and relaxing by knitting and by reading Gudrun Sjöden catalog.

I have been working on getting my Etsy shop opened. I will be ready to open any day now! I just didn't realize it is so much work so it is taking me longer than I was expecting. Luckily I had a babysitter come today to watch my son, so I had an opportunity to do my preparations in peace.

I have also been relaxing in two of my favorite ways: I have been knitting woolen socks (I will put them for sale too though) and browsing Gudrun Sjöden's new catalog that came in the mail last week. I love those clothes. They cost a lot so I can't buy them often but I like too look at them. All of them I wouldn't wear either, but it is still nice to look at the beautiful photos. And I like it that they use ecofriendly materials. Another ecological thing about their clothes is that they last. I bought a pair of organic cotton pants from Gudrun Sjöden last spring and they look still like new.


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