Monday, March 16, 2009

New shoes made me happy today.

I was on the sewing lesson tonight in the sewing machine store from where I bought my machine a week or two ago. It was great, I learnt so much! As a sewer, I don't have much actual skills, I just sew. So in 1,5 hours I learnt a great deal, I think it will be very beneficial for me to go there a few times.

I don't buy shoes that often. But I bought now a pair from Gudrun Sjöden, remember I mentioned her in my post earlier? These could be the prettiest shoes I have ever seen. I feel like taking them next to my bed so that I can see them the first thing in the morning when I wake up. But I probably won't and will look at my son's face in the morning instead.

We don't wear shoes inside as it is not a habit in Finland, but I made an exception today!

Sirpa, happily skipping in her turquoise shoes

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