Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mailordering dairy cultures.

Especially now when pregnant (Yay! 23 weeks!) I am missing Finnish Viili, a cultured dairy product a little bit like yoghurt but nothing like it anyway. I found a website in the US from where you can order fresh cultures, also for viili! What a lucky day. I will order some soon, it is now too hot (95F/35C tomorrow) for mailordering fresh dairy cultures. Here is a link to the Gem cultures. More about viili in Wikipedia. I will let you know how making my own viili goes.

Gem cultures sells also sour dough rye bread starter. We brought that with us from Finland, a 15 year old starter and we use it to make our own sourdough rye bread weekly. My husband bakes it so I guess I can't say "we" ;) The bread has only the starter, organic rye flour and water. It is good!


  1. Kiitos, Sirpa, vinkista, tilasin heti itselleni viilinsiemenen :D Kotivaltiossani Tennesseessa on jo syksy ja ilmat sopivan viileat joten eikohan postitus onnistu.
    En muista enaa miten loysin tieni blogiisi mutta kirjoitat mielenkiintoisista aiheista jotka ovat omaakin sydantani lahella. Onnea sinulle vauvanodotukseen.
    Monin terveisin

  2. Eeva, mahtavaa! Kerrothan miten sujuu viilinsiemenen kanssa! Odotan niin kärsimättömänä! :) Kaikkea hyvää Tennesseehen!