Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A perfect real first glass for small hands.

I wrote recently about the chance I got from CSN stores, to get $50 worth products of my choice free from their store if I wrote a review of them. I chose Finnish design Iittala Kartio glasses that I miss from my kitchen in Finland.

I have years of experience with these glasses. They come in different beautiful colors and two sizes. They are durable, I have dropped a Kartio several times without breaking or even chipping them. I am sure they would break when dropped on a tiled floor though!

I love the smaller size Kartio (in the photo) because it is perfect for little child's first glass. It is small and fits well the small hands. I am not a big fan of sippy cups or even plastic cups. I believe in giving them a real glass like the rest of the family as soon as they can hold it to start practicing. They can start learning to drink from a real cup surprisingly early, long before their first birthday, actually they can start practicing when they can sit up and can sit in a high chair - one of the signs that they are ready to start trying solid foods (other signs for solid food readiness here), around the middle of their first year.

I gave my son a glass pretty early and I don't remember he ever breaking one but instead learning very fast to drink from a cup. We used sippy and straw cups mainly in the car. Some people are worried about the spills. If the main drink from a glass is water, this isn't a big problem either ;)

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