Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do you recycle or reuse?

I ended up discussing reusing freezer bags with the writer of Shockingly Delicious. We both wash and reuse plastic freezer bags. I reuse also bags from store bought breads etc. and of course any plastic bag if I happen to get one when I have forgotten my reusable bags in the car/home. My son is gluten intolerant so any bag that has had a gluten product in it, we have to toss though. Plastic bags I use for garbage cans, bread bags for storing home made bread and other products. I freeze mostly in glass Pyrex jars because I am suspicious of the chemicals in plastic and so I end up rarely buying freezer bags. We don't use them for packing lunch either, for my son's sandwiches I made a fabric wrapper (with an inside layer from an old rain coat to keep it fresh) and for other lunch we use Pyrex glass jars or stainless steel containers.

What kind of (re)uses for plastic bags have you come up with? What are the craziest things you reuse? I have to confess that my craziest reuse is probably little note cards for grocery lists etc. I cut from empty food card board boxes! Baby steps to save the planet ;)

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