Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby hammock

I got a tip from a friend about a baby hammock. It was pretty easy to make yourself. You can also buy these for 200 dollars or so. I used instructions from this blog (thank you Life on the roof!). All you need is 3 yards of fabric, some twill tape or bias tape, a 2 foot piece of wood, a couple of hooks, a spring (might be too tough for the light weight baby) and durable string (we used string that is used for parachutes, don't even ask why we have 100 ft of that).

I didn't want a polyester foam mattress like it is suggested on the blog post I had as a reference though so I made a more natural mattress. I sew first a pouch (14 x 30 inches) and left one end open. I stuffed it with sheep wool from an animal friendly farm and a reclaimed all wool sweater piece. Then I sew the opening and by hand I sew from eight points through the mattress to get the wool stay in one place. A pillow case is a good sheet for it.

We put hooks to a few places so we can change the place of the hammock.

I am now 39 weeks pregnant and ready for the baby to come!


  1. well done! I had one of those $200 hammocks for Jack but never ended up using it at all. We've had all of our babies in bed with us. :D

  2. Thanks Bethany! We definitively plan to cosleep (all four of us LOL) too. The hammock was just just a cute idea that I had to make it. If the baby likes to be there a few minutes sometimes, while big brother rocks the hammock or something, even that could be helpful in some situations. If not, that is ok. I am not really expecting or even wanting the baby to sleep in it at night. My first one was a high needs baby and he lived in slings and slept on me. So I am a bit suspicious if a baby really wants to stay in the hammock but who knows ;) If it will be unused, at least I didn't spend a lot of time or money on it.

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