Monday, October 21, 2013

Many uses of pomegranates

My friend has a pomegranate tree and she let me pick a bagful of them! They are so beautiful, look! I have been busy juicing them. From the juice I made pomegranate kombucha and pomegranate jelly. I looked for jelly recipes that didn't have ridiculous amounts of sugar and found this one that has none. It has just some honey and pectin. It is not very sweet at all, could be even sweeter but it is still pretty nice. For some reason the flavor and consistency and color reminds me of Vispipuuro, a traditional Finnish whipped porridge made of lingonberries and wheat which we don't even eat anymore so it was a nice flashback to the childhood. If you have a good low sugar pomegranate jelly or jam recipe, please comment with the link!

I also like to eat the pomegranate seeds with my home made coconut milk kefir for breakfast. That is all I had this morning and it kept me going for hours, it was so nutritious!

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