Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY: Organic wool duvet

So while the rest of the family went camping and climbing to Joshua Tree, this is what I was up to. I bought a while ago this bale of wool batting from Craigslist. I have been replacing our bed and bedding for organic and nontoxic materials (see the bed in this post). Now it was the comforter's turn! I like the idea of most of our bedding being nontoxic as we spend so many hours sleeping next to them. The regular bedding can have toxic fire retardants and the polyester might outgas toxic substances as well.

This is how I did this (it was actually super easy!):

1. I spread a flat king sheet on the floor (realized later, a queen sheet would probably have been enough, I had to cut some off).

2. I spread the wool batting on the sheet (I had three pieces and I contemplated sewing them together but decided that they will stay in place after I make the knots through all the layers). At this point I measured with a king size duvet cover that the size would be right and trimmed some wool off. I still left the sheet untouched.

3. On top of the wool I put the other flat sheet and smoothed them out.

4. Starting from the middle and working towards the sides, I made knots with wool yarn through all the layers. I used an upholstery needle.

5. Then I cut the extra sheet fabric leaving it 2-3 inches bigger than the wool portion on each side.

6. Then I turned the fabric inside and pinned it and using my sewing machine I stitched all the edges with organic cotton thread.

It is the most comfortable thing I have slept under in my entire life! You can buy these online too but they cost about 400 dollars. If you can find affordable wool batting, consider making your own. It wasn't hard at all. Can't wait to go to bed tonight!


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