Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chocolate Pudding (Vegan and Paleo)

*I have been recently posting autoimmune paleo recipes so just for clarity's sake I have to state that this recipe is not autoimmune paleo as it has cacao powder. I made it for the kids who don't follow the protocol as strictly as I do.*

I learnt this recipe from a friend but have lost the original recipe and I basically create it every time again. Also... I don't usually measure so the amounts on this recipe are approximate and flexible, just taste the food in between, add more what is needed and follow your cook's instinct!

Chocolate pudding
paleo, vegan
2 avocados
1/3 cup raw unsweetened cacao powder (feel free to use less or more depending on your preference)
A pinch of salt
Vanilla from a vanilla bean to taste
Maple syrup to desired sweetness (I just used a splash of it)
A splash or two (or enough to make the blender run smoothly) of home made coconut kefir for added creaminess and probiotics

Add all ingredients in the blender and blend them until smooth and creamy. That's all! Eat plain or dip fruit in it. I think my child once dipped chicken pieces in it...

TIP: You can soak chia seeds (not allowed on autoimmune paleo either) in coconut kefir and it thickens the pudding nicely. Use then a little more kefir though and it helps to keep it in the fridge for a while before eating too.


  1. Yum! I just checked my counter for avocados, this looks so easy!