Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grain Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free and (Autoimmune) Paleo Breakfasts

We are so used to our grains or eggs for breakfast that if that is not an option it seems hard to find other breakfasty stuff to eat. Here are some ideas for paleo breakfasts.

If you avoid fruit, skip the ones containing fruit. Avocado is a fruit too by the way but low in fructose. I have eaten some occassional fruit in very small quantities as I don't tolerate big amounts of fructose. Coconut is a FODMAP too so skip that if you are avoiding those.

Breakfast ideas for (autoimmune) paleo diet followers (I will update this page as I come up with more):


Black, green or rooibos tea if not avoiding tea, herbal teas, water with lemon, bone broth, kombucha (if not avoiding tea) or water kefir, fermented home made ginger ale or root beer (will post soon... there is so much to post about!)


Leftovers (this is my favorite, so easy!)

Plantain pancakes (plantains are low in fructose but go easy with the maple syrup)

Berries (often low in fructose) or pomegranate (high in fructose, so stick to a very small quantity) with a small amount of homemade coconut kefir (I might make another post about coconut kefir but basically I make mine using regular milk kefir grains in coconut milk, super easy and oh so delicious!)

Breakfast wraps: Fill either collard greens, lacinato kale or coconut wraps with foods you have available like carrots, avocado, cucumber, squash, fermented veggies (if store bought, check the ingredients!), naturally cured olives (check ingredients that they are just salt and water), lettuce, chicken, shrimp. Wrap them. I wrapped the collard greens just like cabbage rolls - which is a great autoimmune paleo food too with some modifications, I will make a post about that later.

TIP: Put the avocado first on the leaf and smash it with a fork to a quick sauce, the foods will stick into it and it will hold together better

Mashed cauliflower (FODMAP so don't overdo it) porridge with organic palm shortening and sea salt (boil some cauliflower, dicard most of the water and mash the cauliflower in the remaining water, add palm shortening and salt)

Filled avocado: Half an avocado, remove the seed and fill with shrimp, sprinkle with sea salt (Herbamare if not avoiding onions) and squeeze some lime on top

-raspberry, banana, spinach or kale
-greens, berries and just a little bit of coconut milk (optional)
-greens, apple (high fructose so be careful with the amount) and limes
Add kombucha to any smoothie if not avoiding tea

(remember to keep the amount of fructose per day in minimum though, some recommend max 20g/day).

Soup that has been in the slow cooker overnight (home made broth, meat and AIP legal veggies, mushrooms (FODMAP), can be spiced with salt, herbs, ginger and garlic if not avoiding)
OR: Stew of meat and veggies and broth that has been in the slow cooker overnight

Avocado and cucumber with smoked salmon or cooked shrimp - you can also put all these in nori wraps "taco style"

Stir fry with any meat or sea food and zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms - spinach or kale might be a nice addition (for faster mornings, chop ingredients already in the evening and store in a jar in the fridge), add sea salt and herbs

In the toaster oven: bake sliced zucchinis (put some olive oil on them and for instance Herbamare salt if not avoiding onions) and premade breakfast sausage/meat patties / meat balls (fry or bake ground meat in any shape you like, you can add herbs, salt, apple sauce, mashed boiled cauliflower, coconut flour etc. to the "batter"). Eat with sauerkraut, fermented pickles (check ingredients and watch out for mustard seeds and peppers) or carrots, rutabaga or turnip sticks.

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