Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Save the bees! (Added photos of the rescue operation 9PM!)

The Santa Ana winds kept us awake at night. The wind spread all our stuff around the yard and took down a tree limb in the front yard. There was a bees' nest in the limb! 

I called my neighbor (who always knows what to do!). She said I could call the Los Angeles County Beekeepers association to find someone to rescue the bees. I did and they gave me phone numbers of local beekeepers. I reached one of them just down the street. Within minutes Jonathan Potter, a beekeeper from Altadena, stopped by to assess the situation.

Most of the hive is on the ground. There are a few bees still lost in the stump up in the tree but it seems like the queen is in the part laying on the ground and hopefully wasn't hurt in the landing.

The beekeeper came later to get them and transported them to their new home in Chatsworth. First he cut the limb with a chain saw to get to the nest. He then lifted the pieces of the nest to a box he brought with him and waited until the bees went in with the dark to settle for the night.

It has been very exciting to learn about bee rescue. It was quite a coincidence that I sold today some used cloth diapers for the same amount I paid the bee keeper for his work. It was clearly meant to be, don't you think? Check out photos from the rescue operation below. And if you are a local and need a hive moved safely so that the bees are not harmed in the process, check out Jonathan Potter's Yelp site here.

It was very exciting for the kids. As you can see it was a hot day.


  1. This is so cool! I'm glad the bees will be rescued. Now we know where there were so many bees in your yard! Did Leo get to see them?

  2. wow!! Quite an exciting day! Wonderful that you had the bees rescued and relocated!!!!