Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rutabaga is the New Sweet Potato (and Turnip the Old Potato!)

Turnips on the left and rutabagas on the right.
They both taste good cooked and raw.
Paleo diets often replace potato with sweet potato. We don't tolerate it very well in our family so I have started using more turnips and rutabaga. Turnips make great fries and rutabaga is delicious mashed, roasted or boiled. Or raw actually too. I like turnip raw as well, cut in sticks.

In Finland I grew up eating both of these root vegetables, raw sticks for snack and especially on Christmas we ate rutabaga casserole. Turnip on the other hand was eaten in Finland before potato.

Rutabaga is white when cut raw but it turns beautiful yellow when cooked. 

Here is how we used rutabaga for dinner:
- Pressure cooked rutabaga cubes with mushrooms and sea weed (The recipe was from this book but basically you could just boil the rutabagas and mushrooms and kombu sea weed until soft if you don't want to use a pressure cooker - we have a pressure cooker because we plan to live on a sail boat and there it would be super handy!)
- Pork roast (Basically just salt the meat and stick in the oven on 350F until cooked)
- Steamed rainbow chard with coconut oil and sea salt
- Green salad with naturally cured olives, cucumber, lemon juice and olive oil

TIP: Eat rutabaga and turnip sticks for snack just like carrots.

PS. Paleo diet is sometimes criticized for huge amounts of meat. Look at the photo above - we eat mostly vegetables. They are our main dish and meat is the side!

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