Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: Paleo Approach Is A Must Read For Anyone Wanting To Optimize Their Health

"Autoimmune disease is an epidemic in our society. But it doesn't have to be." -SARAH BALLANTYNE aka PALEO MOM 
From the name of the book (Paleo Approach - Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body) you might get the idea that the book is only for people with a diagnosed autoimmune disease. Wrong. It is for people with autoimmune disease but it is also for anyone interested in optimizing their health. I think everyone should read it because many of us, due to genetics, environmental triggers and diet and lifestyle are in risk of autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease, or any disease probably for that matter, can not only be reversed but also prevented with diet and lifestyle. If you have any of the symptoms that might be early signs of autoimmune disease, the book is a must read.

Any of these symptoms (don't have to have all of them) can be associated with the early stages of an autoimmune disease: allergies, depression, digestive symptoms, fatigue, blood sugar issues, gallbladder disease, memory problems, migraines, PMS, rashes and other skin problems, recurrent headaches, resistance to weight loss, sleep disturbances, suspectibility to infections, thyroid problems, yeast infections. Don't ignore these symptoms! They are trying to tell you something.

I love Paleo Approach because although it contains solid scientific information, it explains things clearly and above all: it is beautiful. The layout and design is stunning in its fresh and clean colors and pictures. I admit here and now publicly that I have hard time reading books that contain only text, especially if it is very scientific and dense in information. This book just absorbed me right in despite the heavier content because of the pictures and colors that break the solid information and flow and also because it is written very well. The writing flows lightly and you can hear the author's enthusiastic voice behind the pages. Her enthusiasm is catching. As I am reading it I feel like I am getting support to the diet I am on. I am on the right track! I am not alone! (I have been on Autoimmune Protocol for a few weeks now and feel a bit misplaced.)

From this book you can learn:
  • if you are at risk for autoimmune disease
  • how important diet and lifestyle (sleep! outdoors!) are in the management of an autoimmune disease OR just for general well being OR preventing an autoimmune disease
  • that some foods cause inflammation and imbalances in hormones that regulate immune system
  • that some foods irritate the lining of the gut, interfere with digestion and deplete nutrients
  • which foods are nutritionally dense and promote healing
  • how to eat so you feel good even if you don't have a diagnose for an autoimmune disease
  • how to eat to promote healing if you have a diagnose for an autoimmune disease
  • the science behind food intolerances, leaky gut, autoimmune disease
If you have an autoimmune disease, this book gives you hope. If you don't have autoimmune disease, the book gives you hope that with diet and lifestyle you can prevent it.

"Adopting Paleo Approach has meant that I no longer require treatment for my autoimmune diseases or any other ailment. I do not require any medications and successfully manage my diseases using only diet and lifestyle." -SARAH BALLANTYNE

I loved the part that explains why a food you have tolerated before - after you eliminate it for a while and get exposed to it again or reintroduce it - can cause such a strong reaction. I am often asked about this and people often make the conclusion that it is better not to eliminate anything from your diet if this is the case. I haven't been able to explain this well but there it is, in Paleo Approach!

I also loved all the nutrient tables in the end because I am really into that kind of stuff and look up different foods' nutritional contents all the time (I am a nerd).

The Paleo Approach explains what causes autoimmune disease and how Western diet high in sugar and gluten and in processed foods promotes autoimmune disease. It emphasizes the role of stress and inadequate sleep in predisposing us to autoimmune disease and chronic illness. It gives detailed information on how to build up a healthy paleo diet to battle or prevent (autoimmune) disease with tips for day-to-day life and for tight budgets even. There are detailed lists of foods to eat and not to eat. It also explains how to start on a stricter diet and how to reintroduce some of the foods back later and what to watch out for.

Yes, I got a copy for this review. It arrived on the same day as my Gudrun Sjöden's fair trade high tops and I had hard time deciding which box to open first (I opened the shoe box first, put them on and then sat on my door step to read the book). And you are right about me trying to sell this book to you. But I am not selling it because I got the copy (and I was not required to review it) but because I am very impressed and I think everyone should read it!

You can buy Paleo Approach from Amazon (affiliate link). It is also available for Kindle (affiliate link as well). Check out Paleo Mom's website too for recipes, more info and information about The Paleo Approach Cookbook (affiliate link) coming out soon.

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