Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Snack Idea (Great For Kids!)

My son who turns three tomorrow likes to make his own sushi snacks. This snack is easy to do with anything you have available, can be accomodated to any diet that allows sea weed and can be packed to go as well. It would make a fun and healthy school lunch.

I cut nori sheets in pieces and give him prepared sushi rice and different fillings like carrot sticks, cucumbers, smoked salmon, cooked shrimp, avocado pieces etc. he can choose from. He will place the fillings on the sea weed and eat it like a taco. Today I had set up just carrots but he chose strawberries and sugar snap peas leftover from breakfast. :)

Grain free/rice free version: Leave out rice!

Vegan version: Leave out meat fillings!

TIP:  Use those ready sea weed snack packs instead of cut nori sheets for an even faster option. Remember to read the ingredients on those to check for any foods you might be avoiding. They have more ingredients than the nori sheets usually. I like these raw nori sheets (affiliate link to Amazon).

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