Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AIP/Paleo Emergency Food

In Southern California we have had a couple of earthquakes in the last week or two and even if they weren't big enough to cause big damage they were big enough to get people reviewing their disaster plans. What are we going to do if the "big one" hits? Our earth quake kit in the garage which is an old suit case filled with this and that is hopelessly outdated. I have been now buying and planning new emergency foods - AIP compatible emergency foods. You don't want to have to eat foods that make you sick in a situation like that on top of everything else. Here is a list of foods I have got / are on a shopping list for our emergency package:

- Canned tuna (ingredients need to be checked as some contain vegetable broth which's ingredients are unknown)
- Olives (traditionally cured in glass jars, no white vinegar or other additives, just salt and water)
- Canned salmon, sardines and chicken (check ingredients)
- Palm hearts in glass jars (Trader Joe's)
- Any suitable canned vegetables (check ingredients)
- Canned meat (check ingredients)
- Raisins and other dried fruits
- Freeze dried blueberries and other freeze dried fruit
- Freeze dried vegetables and meats (Honeyville Grain for instance is a good source)
- Water
- Our camp stove and extra fuel
- Extra coal for our barbeque (don't forget the matches!)
- Plum kids pureed fruit and vegetable pouches
- Plantain chips
- Water filtration system (for backpacking)
- Apple sauce
- Canned coconut milk (or in cartons) - this is a good option
- Seaweed snacks
- Nori sheets for making wraps
- Paleo wraps
- Organic shredded coconut, coconut flour, honey, coconut oil etc. to roll coconut balls for instance (omit cocoa powder for AIP friendly coconut balls)

I keep some water bottles in the freezer so that if the power goes out I can use some of them as ice packs in a cooler to keep perishables from the fridge cold longer.

What would you add to the list?


  1. You can preserve your own foods too. A pressure canner can be used for canning meats, veggies, soup and broth. With a dehydrator you could make jerky, and dry fruit or fruit leather. Since not everyone has a canner and dehydrator, an idea is to get together with friends and have a canning party.

    1. I thought about that but there is no way I'd have time for that right now. One day I might though! :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. I'd definitely add pemmican, Mark's Daily Apple has recipes.