Saturday, December 21, 2013

Creamy Garlic Potatoes for Christmas and New Year (gluten free and vegan)

People always ask for the recipe of the garlic potatoes I make. I serve them on Christmas as well. I have hard time with measuring so again this is a recipe where you have to use your common sense and cook's intuition :). This dish is very typical in Finland, usually made with heavy cream. I make it dairy free with coconut milk.

Creamy garlic potatoes in the oven

About 8 big potatoes
1 can  or so or equivalent amount of full fat coconut milk (preferably additive free, I use often Aroy D or Natural Value)
Crushed fresh garlic to taste (I would put about 2 cloves for this amount)
Salt and pepper to taste
Palm shortening

Slice potatoes. Place them in an oven pan. If you don't use them immediately, to prevent them getting dark, dry them with a paper towel or immerse in water. Add garlic, salt an pepper. Pour coconut milk on top. Don't fill the dish with milk, add enough to cover maybe first two bottom layers with the milk. Add a few dollops of palm shortening (or other "butter") on top and keep 1-2 hours in the oven (about 350F) or until potatoes are soft. Keep an eye on the liquid and add water or coconut milk or stock if it starts to look too dry. The top potato slices can get some color, it is ok.

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