Monday, January 13, 2014

A Leftover Stir Fry and Soup (and 11 days on AIP update)

We had meat, mushrooms and vegetables left from our shabu shabu dinner the other night and we fried them and some extra greens (rainbow chard) in coconut oil, added the juice from half a lime, some coconut aminos, sliced garlic and some Himalayan pink salt and it was absolutely delicious. More vegetables should have been added. One always forget how they shrink while cooked.

I used the same method to make yet another slow cooker soup overnight to eat for breakfast and lunch. I made this without white cabbage to make it lower in FODMAPs. This soup consisted of home made chicken broth, chicken and all the oldest vegetables from our fridge (daikon and daikon greens, bok choy, turnips, carrots, zucchini, squash, kale), chopped in small pieces. Added some salt. No other spices this time. After eleven days on a very simple autoimmune paleo diet I am starting to appreciate plain tastes and don't crave spices as much. Didn't expect that to happen.

After 11 days on the diet we feel pretty good. We sleep better. The world looks sharper and we feel calmer but also energetic. Our blood sugar regulation is better (I don't have to snack!). When I get hungry, I don't get weak or irritable, get this piercing hunger pain in my stomach or feel like I have to get something to eat immediately or I will collapse. I just feel this little hunger tickle my tummy and if I don't eat right away, it goes away and comes to tickle me later again but without all the extra sensations I described before. Stools are beautiful (sorry if too much information but stools are important, read more about - and look at pictures - how poop should be like here). The first week we were tired and had some headaches and food cravings but I think we are over that. We are so glad we started this experiment.


  1. That looks delicious and simple!

  2. yum!!! So great that you're feeling so many improvements/changes - encouragement to keep going and encouragement for the rest of us to try it!! =)

  3. I am so happy. I never thought just a week or two on this diet (ok, I was already half way there having eliminated most of the foods already before) could change my body so drastically. I had horrible issues with my blood sugar and I haven¨t had ANY during this experiment. My blood sugar is not going up and down, it is stable. And so many other good things plus general well being. I thought I already felt so good and healthy most of the time but this is another level :) For me at least works, can't of course say it would do the same to you but I think for me this was definitely worth it to try it.